“I was born bare skinned,

 When I was 3, I had clothes, and dreamt for ‘toys’,

I turned 10 and I had book in hands, wished for ‘Bat and Ball’,

On my 15th b’day, I had family, friends, and wanted ‘love’,


At the age of 18, I had vigor, love, time, but dreamt for ‘money’. I crossed 20 with big dreams in eyes, high hopes.

 Now, I’m 23 living those dreams, fulfilling all wishes.

But, now I have one dream;

 one wish Dream of becoming a ‘Child’ again.

“I wish, I could be a child again,”a persistent wish of any grownup living on this planet, and so is mine.How beautiful life would have been, if I had a ‘back’ button in it; If I could travel back in time, If I could change my past to make future which I want for today.

Everyday, I see children going to the school jumping and smiling, innocent infants playing childish games in the gardens, children shouting and arguing in the street playing gully cricket: no worries, no tension. And then, I see myself with a laptop bag on shoulder, tasks for the day in mind, going for the work everyday. Amidst rush of ambivalent feelings, all I could ask for is “God, make me a child again”.

On a weekend, the CRY Bangalore Volunteers went to the  Madiwala community in  Bengaluru and conducted the ‘ART and CRAFT’ workshop. As decided, all volunteers brought stationery items like newspapers, colors, pencil, gum and everything which could help children in making crafts. We embarked on spreading the word about the workshop in the community. On hearing this, children from everywhere showed their interest in the event. Their glowing faces, desire to learn something new gave us all the more reason to transfer maximum knowledge and make this event a success.

First, we taught them “How to make a paper bag?

Utility of Paper bags can’t be ignored in today’s world. We can’t undermine how important it has become for us to stop using plastic bags and start using paper bags to curb the growing pollution and threat it is imposing to the mother earth. With this intention in mind, we taught them how to make paper bags from newspaper and how important it is to use them.

Second, we taught them “How to make a photo frame?”

Memories are meant to be captured, stored and cherished for lifetime. So, we decided to on making ‘Photo Frames’. Firstly, we taught them a technique to make a frame from a newspaper.

One of the volunteers teaching how to roll a newspaper into stick

Secondly, after making the frame, now we needed a picture to put in it. So we all decided to help the children in drawing and painting for the frame.

Children painting their long wished desires, their fantasies on paper

Some of them painted ‘flowers’, some of them painted ‘faces’. Many of them drew their favourite ‘Superheroes’, and some of them tried to paint ‘God’ too. I remember, one them came to me and said, “Brother, I want to paint a Bird”. I asked, “why do you want to paint bird”. She said, “Because Bird has got wings and I want wings so that I could fly, fly higher in the sky”. I drew bird on the paper and asked her to color it. I was amazed that she colored it in different shades of Blue.

At the end all the children held up their frames to show everyone what they had done. They had managed to complete their work with happiness in their eyes, smile on their faces and contentment in their heart.

Creativity at its best by the Children of Madiwala Community area

We were happy too to see all of them portraying their super hero, their fantasies, their wishes on paper. With them, we painted, we learned, we lived our childhood again and did things which we have long forgotten in rapid metro life. The whole event turned out to be a stint full of fun, work, laugh, noise, and lots of learning. We all reminisced our childhood days in these kids and thanked CRY for giving us this opportunity.

So, now I can say, ever since I joined ‘CRY’, my dream of becoming a kid is not a dream anymore. By coming closer to these children, by interacting with them, I learn, I discern, I paint, I create, I guide , I try everyday. My life is not gloomy anymore like it used to be from last 4 years, feels like it has a new path to walk on, and things other than just materialistic joys attached to it. For me, ‘CRY’ has constantly been a source of opportunity to do things which I wanted, which I had been longing for, and Which I want to relive again and again. Thanks CRY for giving me these days.


Rahul Gupta, Volunteer, CRY

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