This cupboard belongs to the village Anganwadi and has been safely stored by villagers, away from marauding elephants. The tribal settlement is within the Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka.

The villagers have no option but to escape into the trees before nightfall.
Rebuilding their lives after elephants and rain have played havoc in the area. Until the next monsoons.
Forest land encroached by private plantations. This patricular hamlet inhabits a corner of forest land fenced off by the plantations on 3 sides and the forest on the fourth. Legally, the tribals don’t own any land and are being coerced into moving out from this area.
Punarchetana, a CRY supported program works in 103 hamlets in and around the Nagarhole National Park fighting to restore the rights of indigenous tribals inhabiting the forests. The program aims to build a movement of the tribal communities to assert their ancestral right to forest land and products, to pressurise the governement to prevent atrocities on the people and to effectively tackle the exploitation they suffer at the hands of forest officials, the poilce, plantation owners and managers.


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