A Ray of hope in Colourful Globalisation
by-Ashim Kumar Ghosh

“There is a need of reflection and refraction of ray of hope (values) in society, after then society will look like colourful prism”

When I visited to Jharsuguda district of Orissa, really I got stuck with the future of children in tribal sub-urban and rural areas. How the collective and commune culture

of Kharia tribe are badly distorted by the forces of “demon culture of globalization”, where there is no feeling, no sentiment, no emotion, war footing destruction (it is not only surroundings but basically human values) and ultimately free and frank culture of tribal society is being converted in child sexual abuse practices by state and non state actors through knowingly and un-knowingly.I was gone through the different model of social development experiments but really worried about the ruined fort of tribal culture. Society was totally confidence less, strength less, youths are rushing towards money and kick out the old tradition culture, small tribal girls those are in daily wages are being sucked twice, thrice…….. by blood suckers. Guardians, old experience person are only starring towards the various consequences of exploitative process, no voices, only listening that girls are becoming pregnant without proper norms and agreement of family settlement, outside people are coming and working in the construction work, in factories, making sexual relations with adolescent girls in the name of providing all the wishes in modern market oriented society. What you need mobile phone, want to see CORPORATE HINDI film, want to travel in Bolera Jeep, want to enjoy in Hero Honda motorcycle, want to wear colorful dress everything will be provide but you have to go for 24X7 hardship with the interest of profit world.

When I have seen the rural areas adjacent to city I have experienced panic experiences and other side in city, no spaces are left, chowmin shop with “Deshi and Vedeshi Sarab ke Botlei” market is colourful with all types of garments, long queue in ATM machine, dusty vehicle Bolera with muscle man, Safari with leader type of people, Volvo bus with girl and boy technician, all third shop is mobile shop, Tractor with “Reja and Kulli”, street and railway platform with young girls and boys with laptop machine, hospital with the cases of abortion. They are all active and running with the speed of globalization. All are colourful and enjoying but old father and mother is worried.

But I am struggling with the society and basically with girls, first enjoying and want to move with the package of globalization and child without the name of identified fathers. Women with the age of 20 with three children, father of all child are not identified, fathers lost in the colourful world of globalisation, mothers are become thin, skins are pasted with the bone of the body, sacked by the society (need to define society- who), living the abandoned life and counting the days of death, but still silent. My concern is when and how the silence of women will break the “Noutanki” of society and enjoy in real sense.

I have discussed this concern with the activist, adolescent groups, mothers, friends and also trying to get the sense from children and after then started to act multidimensional but I don’t know how far I am real, it may be a drop in ocean but meaningful. Among the entire thoughts one of the processes I observed in colorful globalisation and it may be like treatment of “SAL” seed before the germination of plant. Yes I mean to say proper value education to child, only after we can see the fruit of society.

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