Sixty years of independence, growing literacy rates, splurging economies… But is it really a golden era for the Indian child?

Streets of Delhi are still full with abundant child beggars, who are used as pawns by merciless people to gain easy money. Come a traffic signal, and 10s of kids jump up on the car windows to sell magazines and pirated books.

Is this what we want our kids to do? Is it with this foundation that we envisage to build a golden castle called India – The Super Power?

From infanticides to child molestations to co-ercing them into labor, is this what we want our nation to do? Cant we do anything to give back the innocent kids their rights? We sure can… All it needs is a little initiative. Ponder over it… Stand up, act and be counted!

From teaching to sponsoring their education to complaining cases of child abuse and preventing them, you can do a lot! Start now!


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