Rosaline Bankira, daughter of Syam Sunder Bankira and Moti Bankira, is currently a student of the sixth standard. She lives with her family in the Patrasahi village of Ranipokri GP, Kaptipada Block, Mayurbanj district, Odisha.

Rosaline had dropped out if school and was engaged in cattle rearing and other household chores. When she used to take the cattle out

for grazing, she had to spend a lot of time running behind them to make sure she didn’t lose them. One such day, she sped after a calf that would have otherwise run away and brought it back to the herd.


In the meanwhile, her eldest sister, who was married, took Rosaline with her to enroll her into school. She wanted her younger sister to at least complete her primary schooling. She was admitted in the fifth standard. It was in this Patrasahi School where her ability to run fast was recognized during the period dedicated to extra-curricular activities. She went on to win the 200m and 400 m race in the school sports that year.

She then went on to represent her school at the Block level sports competitions in 2015 and won! She also participated in the District level Marathon as the sole representative from her school. Rosaline won 4 medals in the athletic events at the district level Champions Trophy and made her school and her village extremely proud.

She says that it is her school where she got the opportunity to test her speed on the running tracks and then went on to achieve this milestone. While she dreams of representing her school at the State Levels now, she has also transformed into a much more confident girl!

Rosaline is from the intervention area of CRY-supported project Sikshasandhan working in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.

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