Sadhna Gaikwad

23 Years

Master’s in Social work

Currently working as the Superintendent of Savitribai Phule Children’s Organization.

Sadhana lived in Poharegaon village in the Renapur Taluka with her father Nanasaheb Gaikwad who was a poor laborer from backward caste, her mother and sister. Her parents were daily wage earners who barely managed to make two ends meet with their

meager daily wages. Hence her father decided to start a small tea stall while her mother continued to works as a laborer. This brought in two sources for accruing income to the family.

Besides being a diligent student in school who always stood first in her class, Sadhana was a high-spirited girl who was actively associated with the Kishori group and the children’s groups organized by KMAGVS ( Kalapandhari), a CRY supported project that carried out developmental work for all underprivileged children, backward castes and adivasis in the Latur District.

Sadhna, by virtue of her eloquence and intellectual acumen, made a mark in the Children’s Organisation.

All was going well, till the time Sadhna’s parents had to migrate to another village for work related reasons and for safety reasons, they took their daughters along. Due to this, the girls had to drop out of school. When KMAGVS member Savita Kuntewad came to know about this advised Sadhan’s parents to leave their daughters at their relatives’ place in the Poharegaon village, till they completed their higher secondary education. The parents paid heed to the advice and Sadhana again resumed school.

Sadhna completed her primary, secondary and higher secondary education from Poharegaon and then directed herself to Latur in order to pursue her Bachelor’s in Social work and Master’s in Social work after which she became a superintendent at an NGO.dream of working as a social worker realized. Her sister also completed her education and is an Auxiliary Nurse midwife

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