Karan built a wind turbine when he was just 14 years. If he stays in school, imagine how much more he can achieve?

Karan participated in a children’s fair in his school organised by CRY-supported project Gram Vikas Trust (GVT), Gujarat. Karan was so inspired that he went back home and created a wind turbine all by himself. He presented

this to his school and it was a delight to see that this turbine could generate electricity to light a bulb.

Karan soon realised his ambition of becoming an engineer. He needed to complete his education to fulfill this dream. In a village where primary school enrollment is almost 80%, less than 20% children continue their education beyond the age of 14 years. , your support can ensure Karan develops his abilities to the fullest by staying in school to complete his education.


In many villages in Gujarat, parents migrate in search of livelihoods, a result of which children are forced to drop-out of school. CRY needs your support to address such issues. You can make sure 79,744 children like Karan who are most vulnerable to dropping out, continue to go to school and have their abilities turn into possibilities for a successful future.

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