The loud thuds of enthusiasm sprung from Mr. Mohan Singh’s dhol while he tutored all of us on how to shake a leg or two. We carefully followed. “Make flowers with your palms and move from side to side”. We all beamed high with smiles, slightly overjoyed at the idea of finally becoming Bhangra pros.

SPIN started with a volunteer’s creative thought and DJ Ramsy’s spirit. And then, On May 10th, 2008, we all witnessed SPIN as nothing less than a million moments of magnificence contained in one memorable night. Spinners came from various walks of life with various cultural backgrounds carrying expertise in a variety of fields. All under one roof, to support one enormous cause: Child Rights.

The dimly lit magenta walls carried messages of Child Rights and You (CRY). The room was beaded with conversations of the cause. The disco lights spilled enough life on the dancers’ faces to tell you how much fun everyone was having. The music synchronized everyone’s energies into one great experience. Everyone tapped their feet on Bollywood and Bhangra. Everyone swayed on the constant rhythms of the irresistible beats. Everyone sang along with Amitabh, Madhuri and Abhishek! Everyone let out some fancy steps and lived the night out.

SPIN was one night where we witnessed a lighting of a proverbial candle of hope by four hundred hands. SPIN was one night where we had 200 volunteers all ready to reach out their hand for those who needed it, million miles away. SPIN was one night where we consider everyone a volunteer.

For selling the roses and the beads, for buying the roses and the beads, for dancing away, for making everyone dance away, for teaching lessons, for taking lessons, for initiating, for following, for caring.

For caring

SPIN recognizes you as a torchbearer for the future because you came and you supported. You danced your heart out and you believed that even by shaking a leg or two, even by being a million miles away, even by doing what you love doing most – dancing, you made a difference.

So hold this night in your head and frame it up, you ought to be proud of yourself because a kid will be looking up at the unknown, and thanking you soon, for spinning away and supporting CRY.

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