This little dream was started by seven people in December 1978. This little dream called CRY. This little dream of restoring the basic rights of children. We set goals in our lives based on our dreams – world tour, huge mansion, Doctoral degree, sports car. They set goals in their lives based on their dreams – lunch tomorrow, school next year, stay alive in the next five years. Our little dream? To make sure every child meets their tomorrow and the days after and years to come. This little dream made a huge difference. With Sur-Taal.Let’s rewind to January.

One volunteer amongst us brought up this idea in a room filled with ten people. She hesitated for a second but she spoke aloud. “Will it be possible? This idea of kids for kids.” We all looked at each other, seemingly curious about where this was going to lead us? She directed us to a beautiful idea about a kids’ show for all the underprivileged kids in India and US. She had set a step by step approach towards the plan. She had a vision with one motive – remember the little dream? All of us held hands and took the first step with her. We witnessed a miracle. We were introduced a part of us who believed so vivaciously that we could dedicate all of ourselves to someone we have never met but we all knew personally. We all share an undecipherable connection with the little kids of domestic workers in Mumabi, sex workers in Faridabaad, construction workers in Cochin, homeless in Texas. The kids who tell us their stories every day through their minds sending us a message of hope from lands far away. We spent hours and days trying to get majority of people involved in this little dream. We wanted to tell a story. We wanted to raise care. We wanted to grow the chain. And on March 8th, in an auditorium filled with 400 people, we did. Today, we look back on those 4 hours that made a difference to a thousand lives and we say: To the teachers You took your talents. You took your armors. You took your tools. You took your experiences. You took your intentions. You taught. You taught the kids how to care. You taught us how one person can make a remarkable difference. You taught without anything in return but a thousand smiles sitting in their little worlds and thanking you. For what you did today, for who you are and for how much you cared. You really taught us all. To the talents You danced. You sang. You smiled. You practiced. You perfected. In all your beautiful ways. In all your elaborate ways. You made the show splendid. You made it all worthwhile. You, at such a young age, saved the world. You are heroes. You are heroes and you are now carrying the torch of hope for all of us. You made us all proud. To the show-runners You orchestrated. You organized. You ran the show. You hosted. You put your warm arms around everyone involved in the show and made sure you took us from start to finish. You gave us and the little dreamers a big happy ending. To the volunteers You dreamt. You sacrificed. You ran around. You prioritized. You hoped. You brought everyone together. You took your time. You smiled. You stood up. You united. You raised the bar up high. You created a whole new meaning of hope. You left all your worlds behind for this new world. You are the everyday soldiers of this war against fate. To the audience You applauded. You laughed. You cried. You watched. You watch the conception of an idea to a plan to a perfect picture. You helped from start to end in every way you could and more. You held our hands. And you were there. When we all needed you the most. You supported.
This was our first step of 2008 and you helped us make it an enormous one. Let’s all hope you take milestones and leaps with us all through this journey of this little dream called CRY.

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