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Working for society changes you into a much more grounded individual. Our motive is to wish to bring about social change of some sort. My 3 years’ experience as a volunteer at CRY IIT Kharagpur Chapter, which had regularly attracted local resources and successfully implemented its initiatives of School Drop Out Enrolment, Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshop, Medical Camp, Career Counselling, School Sessions, Community Meetings, Child Labour Survey and many more, taught me that a ‘high-principled’ team allows an organization to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum resources. We are very sensitive to the organization’s public image, its internal rules, and the tasks set for them, but the results of  our work justify the time and effort involved in doing so. We encourage each other to take initiatives.

SatyamWe have identified that the quality of education must improve for economically backward families, specially in villages nearby IIT campus, the quality of knowledge the kids gain also becomes questionable and is a major reason for kids to drop out when they see no hope for their future. A survey was conducted in Arashini, Amlatoria and Balarampur villages by CRY volunteers comprised of UG, PG, PhD students from diverse academic disciplines.

We observed that the problem here is not only with educational system but poverty is also a major factor which demotivates  parents. We took an initiative to teach the children with advanced technology. We wanted to develop their thought process and decision making skills. We organize special activities in schools during Independence Day and Republic Day which resulted in enhancing the children’s interest in extracurricular activities.

These are highly complex issues but my experience suggests that in addition to the work satisfaction and skill acquisition, non-profit work will add colour to one’s personality.

CRY believes that development does not only mean economic development but also includes promoting improving quality of life-for which we organize community meeting in every trimester. If we all work towards this great common goal, we can expect nothing but success.


Satyam Neelmani, CRY Volunteer, IIT Kharagpur

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