Nindi Kumari was all of 16 when going to school got difficult for her because she and her friends were facing harassment by the boys in her locality. “Changing their behavior was difficult, so I decided I would learn to defend myself.” she says.

The martial arts classes however costed her more than she had imagined. She was

also the eldest in a household of 2 girls and 1 boy. But there was nothing stopping her. Nindi went to school in the day and took up stitching in the afternoon in order to help fund her coaching in Marital Arts.

4 years on, she now is a gold medalist at a district and state level and has made not only her family proud but is also a proud Martial Arts trainer for about 50 girls in her locality.


Nindi is from a CRY volunteer intervention area in Delhi. You can help thousands of children like her realise their dreams here.

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