My Father told me one thing “Lalit, Earn People, World will be Yours”.

Since I came from a middle class family, as a child I have struggled a lot in terms of everything. I never got that guidance I always wanted and as a result I had to face huge struggle in making a career.

I was very confused when I was in class 9-10

that what should I pursue next. I thought of becoming a Doctor but someone told me not to go for that profession as it is not for us, Marwari people. So I decided to choose commerce and become a Chartered Accountant after facing much struggle at every step. I felt that the problem I faced shouldn’t be faced by my younger brother. Hence I guided him for his career by asking different people and finally today he became what he wanted to be. From there I started my journey of helping and guiding young kids.

I joined CRY Because of two reasons:

First, I don’t want a child who has ambition, passion and determination struggles to go ahead with his dream career. The child only needs the support to get the way of how to achieve what he/she wants to. Society always tries to drag that person backward who wants to move forward.

Second reason is I like helping people and to help a child is the best thing a Human Being can do. The love from a child is always unconditional and I always believed in Dua(Blessings). It is too valuable to me and more than many more things in life. Child’s Blessing and love is so pure and if one can earn it, it will take him always up in life I believe.

t’s been 3 years I have been associated with CRY. I have seen huge ups and downs. There was a time I was wandering and going alone to the sessions and interacting with kids. I faced many difficulties to make the people of the area understand our role and how a change will happen to their locality. It was very tough as trust doesn’t come so easily. But I was determined for a change so never left the place as I love facing struggle and overcoming them. Mom told me that you will always get fruit in long run, just keep on working with honesty and as it is said that Mom’s advice never go in vain. The locality and authority trusted us and I have built a very good group of different individuals . This resulted to bring in me a new quality professionally and personally which I never thought of.

I am a better manager now, turned to be an extrovert and much more confident as I talk with people from different community and different IQ level. I started enjoying life more than before.

Many people ask me like how a chartered accountant and a Marwari guy is doing social work, what’s the motto. I always say I find happiness when I bring a smile to a Kid’s and Mother’s face. All the exertion of 6 days of office work end when I go for the session on Sunday.

Every moment was special for me in past 3 years but School Wapasi Abhiyan, Teaching Kids using different techniques, Role Model sessions, Health Camp, Festival Celebration and Aashyein are something which always keep me longing for. One of memorable moment was getting accolades from the society in front of whole community on eve of Ganesh Puja from the diginitaries for our role in development of their kids.

And Future dream of bringing specialization for kids which unfortunately I was unable to get as a child will be started this month who will tell their journey to inspire kids who dream of the same profession. This will help them to go to grow and to get motivated and MY Motto of joining cry will be fulfilled when all these kids will achieve their ambition with our help.

I want to thank my Parents who allowed me every Sunday and supported me inspite of so many questions of different people to do this Noble Task. I want to thank God and all the Volunteers, Interns, Club authority and the families of that area .Special thanks to Ishani, Anupama,Sweta Ma’am and Anindita for their continuous support and cooperation in making this journey a memorable one.

Last but not the least thanks to all the Kids who trusted me and allowed us to serve them and fulfill my dreams of giving back to the society.

Always feel special to have such a lovely family altogether and Friends do remember…

“Duaayein Qubool Hoti hain bas hum intezaar nahi karte”

“Kisi ke Chehre par Muskurahat lana seekho, duniya aap ki kadam chumegi”

“Start Giving to the society in whatever way you can”


Bachchon ka Lalit Bhaiya

Lalit Mundhra is a CRY volunteer from Kolkata who has been volunteering with CRY for over three years now. Click here to volunteer with CRY.

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