NAFRE Jan Andolan (NAFRE People’s Movement) is mounting the nationwide ‘Jan Haq Yatra’, a Peoples’ Rights March demanding a just and equitable society.
The march started on January 23. Regional segments voiced local needs and demands were put before the government. The culmination in New Delhi on 26th and 27th of March will witness a sharing of experiences from across the country followed by a huge protest rally before Parliament and the submission of a Memorandum of Demands.

NAFRE has already taken a stand against globalization that severely affects people’s survival rights. Similarly, there is opposition to the SEZ policy, which farmers and oppressed communities are openly against – Karimnagar and Nandigram are just two instances. The struggle against SEZ is basically a demand for democracy where decision should lie in the hands of the people. The Movement has continuously opposed forces of Communal Fascism and exposed the link between imperialism and communal fascism.
In the search for a new pro-people development paradigm, NAFRE will present an alternate development model that truly reflects the voice of the people – the community ask mode and democratic nature of the processes that CRY aligns with.
A powerful tool in this is to establish the Common School System, which reflects inclusiveness and equity, both of which are vital to the establishment of a People’s India. This is another of the Yatra’s key demands, which is why it has often been termed the ‘CSS Yatra’. Currently, the poor and disadvantaged usually go to government schools while the better off to private ones. Thus the need for inclusive education has cropped again and is looked at as the best way to address the need for diversity and equity.
Commercialization of education needs to be stopped and fair and equal education for all children must be the focus of the day. The Common School System is the only one that can address all these issues. Most importantly it will provide the vital missing link of viewing education as a vital link to development and progress.
  • Opposing SEZ as it is a process of Neocolonialism
  • Do not give up life or land – this is the people’s slogan against the development induced displacement policy
  • Demolish New Imperialistic, Patriarchal & Brahminical structure
  • Demolish all the forces of communal fascism Repeal of Arms force Special Power Act
  • Demolish the Fascist forces emerged out of the anti people development process
  • Implement Common School System Protect and ensure Child Rights

For the yatra itinerary covering 15 states in four zones of the country please visit


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