Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) is a global advertising agency. The Mumbai office handles all the communication for CRY, from their comprehensive campaigns to their individual pieces of information.

We, a team from BBH, India recently visited a CRY project area. The team included Naina Meattle from the planning team, Monisha Khanna from the account management team and Rati Ghosh and Sanjana Dora from the creative team.

All of us actively work on CRY on a day-to-day basis and were hoping the visit would help us gain a stronger insight towards the cause, which would help us create stronger communication.

The experience involved interacting with the founder, Shweta Damle and members of Habitat and Livelihood Welfare Association (HALWA), a CRY partner working in the Lal Mitti area in Mumbai.

HALWA works with children and parents of the area, on various levels. From getting girls to go to school, to changing attitudes about gender disparity to improving housing and amenities for underprivileged households in the area.

The experience was very enriching because there is nothing like interacting with people working for a cause they are also getting affected by. We were made to understand the kind of passion and work that goes in to creating change at the grassroots level. We were awed by how in spite of all the hurdles they face, they keep working towards the end goal of providing equal opportunities to children everywhere. We learnt about the various ways they make a difference, from creating and maintaining toilets, to trying to make the streets safe for adolescent girls to counselling parents to send their girls back to school. Interacting with people at the grassroots level gave us a deeper comprehension about how CRY works alongside its partners and in turn helped us craft their communication better and more effectively.

We interacted with the girls too. It was probably the best part of the experience. Young, excited and hopeful, the girls were cheerful and ambitious in spite of the the obstacles they face everyday. Excited to attend school and learn, these girls gave us faith and encouragement to work better on CRY briefs with an improved insight and passion.

After the visit, we left feeling inspired and excited to go back and do our part in giving girls a better chance at childhood.

The visit was a great learning experience and we thank CRY & HALWA for the same and wish them all the best for the times to come.

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