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Firstly, to get this cleared up, there is no particular reason or an objective in choosing to make this donation. I think we’re morally responsible to give back something to the society in whichever possible way. You see, most people have a very linear way of progressing in life. Making a career, like becoming a doctor or an engineer is probably the kids of our generation aspire to be, the brilliant and sincere ones also choose to be scholars and travel places most of us could only imagine. These are all beautiful and realistic ambitions, but on scalar levels it is a tad selfish and most of them turn into adults and they pick up a job with a responsible position in companies, which is only realistic.

One has to put their priorities before anyone else. Yet, the satisfaction is somewhat missing. The variety of spectrum where we choose to invest is mostly to accumulate and grab more; problem is we do not know where or when to stop. Sometimes, personal aspirations become second choice when you seek contentment because life is not always about what a person accumulates in monetary or material possessions. Our inner spirits could still be hungry for something which cannot be satiated with owning a condominium or a dazzling Cadillac. A person can be a responsible son or daughter, a responsible spouse, a responsible parent and also responsible at work.

There’s a scope to do one better, become responsible socially too. Sometimes, what we need is finding small pleasures in giving back to life, what better ways to give back than helping a few children get their basic education and become responsible citizens who could create a name and identity for themselves and reduce the plague of illiteracy in a big country like ours. I think every small contribution counts; perhaps even if a small fraction of people vow to think this way, then we’ll have made it. Buying an orphan his dream to live with his head held high is like buying yourself a year’s worth of peaceful night’s sleep. In your hearts you’ll always think of it as a decision which could never be wrong.

I hope what I have contributed won’t be for nothing, but to ignite the compassion of any ordinary public servant who could also bring about a positive change to the bright young future of our country, even when they are not serving the public. Government employees are not particularly popular among people for not meeting the desired expectations of the masses, and I do agree that certain constraints and bottlenecks exist which would slowly be reduced and thereby improve upon the efficiency of tasks as time goes on. Some of us are posted at inhospitable locations and we carry out our duties for the nation.

We have heard of Corporate Social Responsibility. What I have envisioned is Individual Social Responsibility, which is at a basic atomic or granular level. Someone said that happiness doubles when shared. I say share your good fortunes with those who will be grateful and you’ll never have to worry about getting a good sleep at night. Altruism can go a long way if we really tried showing that we care. I have always appreciated those people who take the time out from their busy life schedules and spend even a couple of hours a week for orphans teaching them basic academics or help nurture some skill which could get them to lead a normal healthy life in future.

And if I could inspire into giving back love to the lesser fortunate ones, even if a small fraction of this huge fraternity working for the public could find this exercise meaningful, then this endeavour would call it a success. Maybe one day our image will change in the eyes of millions.

Your contribution no matter how small counts. You can also envision the goals of CRY and help in materializing them by working towards child rights protection. In this regard, you can donate for children and bring their dreams into reality.

CRY Donor (Employee, Government of India), Kolkata

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