How would you like to – manage a brand that encompasses FMCG, financial services and BtoB categories. Provide venture funding to grassroots-level projects across 18 Indian states. Negotiate strategic alliances with media and corporate brands. Initiate start-ups and joint-ventures in key overseas markets. Shape government policy. Manage a significant investment portfolio and ensure the highest standards of governance. Mould the

values of a new generation of Indians. Build, develop and motivate a team of professionals without money, junkets or parties as incentives. Develop an ERP solution and a state-of-the-art online enterprise. Set the standards for organisations in your sector and beyond. All on a shoestring budget. Join CRY – Child Rights and You.
You will, for instance, find yourself part of a team that is mobilising millions of people across India to seek political support for the rights of children, putting together India’s first telethon, developing software solutions to enable real-time decision-making, negotiating brand-licensing agreements, researching conditions in juvenile institutions, debating globalisation’s impact on India’s children with eminent economists, forging alliances across regions, interest groups and cultures, ensuring tsunami relief was equitably distributed, devising new channels to reach out to youth and volunteers and helping develop new policy directions in education and for the voluntary sector.
CRY is the opportunity for you to use your professional skills and experience to restore to Indian children their basic rights to – survival, development, protection and participation. In short, the right to a childhood.
To know more, browse the who we are, what we do sections of the site or write to us at for any queries, clarifications you may have with regard to a career in CRY. You can also visit our company page on LinkedIn to stay updated about work opportunities with CRY.

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