World Children’s Day: Empowering Young People for Global Development and Peace

The air is studded with the imaginary lines of blaze, the blaze of change and continuity. Life changes and never stops to embrace every phase you live through, in excellence or failure. But when you stop and stare, at your complex mind, there still remains some childishness hidden and embedded. While your life is moving faster and denser each day, and while you’re busy chasing your dreams, take off and cherish the child hiding in you for a day.

In the mind’s eye, you see yourself sipping a tasty hot chocolate shake, ready to plan your day, and enticing the love and happiness of your elders, the 20th of November was always a fun day. But have you ever thought about the children who have been ostracised from the society and shunned from their basic rights? When you change your impulsive mind to consecrate in the waters of humanity, there is always a corner to contribute. On this World Children’s Day, give yourself an opportunity to partake in the activity to give a child the rights that follow and flourish.

The monster of poverty in various parts of this world has created a ruthless spear of problems that override the rights of children.  And as we celebrate the day by honouring child rights, we as an independent organisation believe in committing to protect and stay perennial. Young boys and girls all over the world deserve to be given equal rights. It is heart-breaking to see children indulging in child labour and other illegal activities to earn money for a living. We hate to make eye contact with the children in rugged clothes selling or begging on the streets. It’s hard to gulp in the fact that these innocent kids are forced to become professional beggars, and turn down their education.

As you relive your childhood, make sure you give your small contribution to help children get what they deserve. There is more at work I think than the ink inside the quill. Each stroke of the feather creates art. Similarly, every child deserves proper education, nutrition and good conditions of living. 10 out of 30 students drop out of school because of the various health related issues and that brings us to an important aspect of overall development of a child. The systematic enrolment of a child into education expects the crucial involvement of health and wellness.

As an uplifting catalyst and a welfare organisation, we wish to make every citizen, aware about the pertaining percentage of child related illegalities. Let’s start from the scratch, join hands to unite as one and stand for the rights of children on this day. Let’s make the world a better place to live.

Happy World Children’s Day!

Akshata Ramesh (CRY Intern, Mumbai)


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