When Rippan Kapur, late CRY founder and his friends started CRY in 1979, they were clear about one thing – change could only come about through collective participation. They were convinced that without YOU, there would be no CRY. Even today, over three decades later, that has remained unchanged. We continue to rely on you to take a stand for children in need.

Your support holds the key to a child’s future. For instance, your participation makes all the difference to a girl child in Kalighat, Kolkata, India, who will either be coerced into a life of sexual slavery or become a confident, educated adult in a career of her choice. That’s because, through CRY, you are lending a hand to CRY-supported project Diksha, an organisation that works in the red-light areas of Kalighat.

Since 1994, Diksha has been working steadily to stop the inevitable cycle of abuse and sexual slavery that was rampant in Kalighat. The team set about rewriting the norm in an inclusive manner, where the community itself took on the role of a teacher. With support and guidance, the community was empowered to spearhead the much-needed change; with the result that today there are no second-generation sex workers in Kalighat.

Stop by Kalighat today, and you will find young people from the community who work with Diksha. Alert, confident and articulate, they are the custodians of the community’s future. No more stigmatized by their past, the children participate eagerly in their own education, form children’s groups and engage with people inside and outside the community.

CRY-supported project Diksha owes its success as much to YOU and your contributions, as to its leaders. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.” If change has been possible in an area like Kalighat, it’s because YOU ARE THE CHANGE.

In this issue of ‘CRY in Action’, we are proud to share your stories of how YOU – our donors, supporters and well wishers – have actively participated in our work with children. We hope that it will inspire many others as well as serve as a reminder of what is possible when people come together to make a difference.


Thank you for your unstinted support.

Puja Marwaha,

Chief Executive,

CRY – Child Rights and You.

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