“When we made the decision to work with children in Jammu & Kashmir, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road. The constant state of unrest, the unexpected volatile atmosphere and harsh terrain make it a difficult backdrop against which to ensure children get access to their rights. But it was the inherent challenge that strengthened our resolve to work with underprivileged children in Jammu & Kashmir to help them realise their full potential and lead a better life.

We recognise that the scope is vast, so we’ve been open to newer and bigger challenges. Whether it’s rehabilitation during floods or the setting up of Child Activity centres, trauma-counseling sessions, health camps and reactivation work, we venture beyond our area of intervention. We’ve also taken on long term goals through CRY to improve the overall education and health system in the state by supporting a study to analyse gaps and suggest improvements.”

Pooja Khan 

Associate Director – Corporate Communications,

PNB Metlife India Insurance Company Ltd.,

Corporate Partner

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