CRY partners with third party vendors and agencies to raise funds. Tell me more.

Donations from individuals are the mainstay of CRY’s fundraising efforts. We make all attempts to enlist in this movement for children each of the concerned individuals who come from every walk of life and every corner of the globe. To enable us do this, we send direct appeals, updates via snail mail and email.
We also use other avenues like third-party provided services for face-to-face marketing and tele-calling, to reach out to individuals. Each representative / DSA (direct sales agent) from the agencies will carry with them an identification card clearly stating that s/he is a CRY representative along with the CRY logo and office address.
Should you like more information on CRY or would like to confirm the identity of the representative or any specific detail in his/ her presence, please contact any of the CRY offices. The representatives are not authorized to collect/ ask for / accept any cash donations for CRY. Only a cheque or demand Draft in favour of CRY – Child Rights and You will be accepted by them.

If you have any queries that have not been addressed here or require clarification on any of the information provided, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the CRY Office nearest to you or email us at

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