How are resources used?

We have learned that effecting long-term, sustainable change requires a holistic approach. Accomplishing this kind of change necessitates work at three levels:

  • Direct action with children in the form of education and health care.
  • Community mobilisation towards achievement of their rights.
  • Advocacy with government bodies to influence policy framing and implementation.

Financial support and non-financial inputs in the form of organisation development, capacity building and training is extended to:

  • Individuals and projects working directly with underprivileged children and their parents, with local communities and government bodies
  • Resource organisations that provide training, education material, etc. to smaller, younger initiatives in particular
  • Nodal agencies that function as miniature CRYs, permitting us to increase our reach
  • Strategic alliances or networks, whose aim is to facilitate the transfer of learning, build solidarity and influence policy

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