Eshwar Kale was pursuing an M.Phil from the TISS, Mumbai. He has completed his study entitled ‘Normal childhood’s response to childhood of mentally challenged: Aspirations and ground reality of mentally challenged children.’ View report

Prabha Hariharan, a teacher and educator based in Coimbatore  has completed her research on ‘Effectiveness of the activity-based-learning (ABL) methodology for Elementary School Education.’ View report

Jayna Kothari, a practising lawyer in the Karnataka High Court has proposed to understand ‘The Child’s Right to Identity: Do Adopted Children have the Right to know their Parentage?’ View report

Iram Parveen has professional qualification in social work and will explore the topic ‘Exclusion of Muslim Girls from Schools: A participatory analysis in the district of Rampur.’ View report

Narendra Mourya, a journalist, explored to study the issue of  ‘Development displacement and Childhood in Madhya Pradesh’. View report

Divya Swamy (Junior Fellow) was a first year law student and the first mentored fellow.  She did a ‘Comparative study in prisons with regard to children born to women in prisons (Case study of the Lucknow Jail and Calcutta jail).’

Minal Doshi is a managing trustee of SETU – Setu Development Intervention Centre. She is completing her research titled ‘Right to Inclusive Education: A study of teacher’s attitudes and practices towards children with disabilities in the mainstream classrooms of government run primary schools in Ahmedabad, India.’

Dr. Suguna Kananan & Dr. PS Annpuarna are linguists and will be exploring children’s  responses and exposure to story-telling in a study to assess and evaluate the prevalence and practices of storytelling by parents and caregivers in domestic and school setting to preschoolers and elementary school children in rural and urban Vishakapatnam. Their study is titled ‘Storytelling in Vishakhapatnam – Prevalence and Practice.’ View report

Seetha Kakkoth is an anthropologist with an abiding interest in education. She is conducting research on ‘Unheard Voices: A Study on the Perceptions of Tribal School Drop Outs in Kerala.’ View report