This year (2012-13) over 99 applications were received against a call for proposals in December 2011, and 26 were short-listed for final round of selection. The following persons have been selected for the award of an individual research fellowship and we are happy to announce their names and topics of their research.

Dr. Biswanath Basu :who will be working on Encouraging Voices: Investigation of children’s experiences of participation in consultation and decision-making at tertiary care Government hospitals of Kolkata, India.

Dhanaji Bhanudas Khupkar :working on Right to Free and Compulsory Education: Situation of the Nomadic and De-notified Tribes children with reference to Dhangar and Ramoshi community in Satara district, Maharashtra.

Justine P Jose :who will be doing a study on the identity perceptions of Dalit children and its impact on psychological and social disability experiences on their everyday life in rural schools of Tamilnadu.

Joyeeta Banerjee :who will be looking into First generation learners-caught between two worlds: An enquiry into Ranibandh block, Bankura district

Rashmi Nair :who seeks to Understand the Shift in Perception and Response of Children to Child Abuse subsequent to a brief Intervention: A Pre Experimental Study with specific reference to Kottayam, Kerala

Balendushekhar Mangalmurty: who will be working on Rag-picker Children in Patna: A saga of lost childhood and quest for normal childhood.

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