In 2013-14, CRY received 99 applications against a call for proposals in June 2013, from which 10 were short-listed for the final round of selection. The following persons have been selected for the award of an individual research fellowship and we are happy to announce their names and topics of their research.

Prabeena K Bebrata: who will be conducting research on Needs Assessment of Children with Disability in the Naxal Affected areas of Odisha.

Saju Parackal: who will be doing research on A Critical Study on Participation of Children in Decision Making On Matters Relating To Them

Edwina Pereira: who will be conducting a research study to assess the scope of strengthening child protection services through policy development and advocacy in Health Care Institutions and Programs.

Bidu Bhushan Dash: who will pursue his research on Children in Community Radio A Study on Five Community Radio Stations in Uttarakhand.

Shanuga Cherayi: who will pursue research on whether Children of Tribal Unwed Mothers Internalize Illegitimate Origin? Implications for Identity Construction, Psychosocial Disability Experience and Social Exclusion

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