CRY is pleased to announce the Awardees for the National Child Rights Research Fellowship 2015-16 (NCRRF Year 9). They have been selected for the award of an individual research fellowship and we are happy share their topics of research.

Taruna Jain who will be studying “Deconstruction and construction of Self and Identity amongst Adolescents in Mohallas”.
Ponnambily Chandy for a study on “Determinants of health and vulnerabilities among children in slum areas in Chennai”.
Hemlata Kansotia who will be looking for keen insights into “Is the `Best Interest Principle’, a value, a constitutional right, an interpretative advocacy instrument or a rule of law?”
Tanya Anne Pinto to undertake research on “The Onus of Orphanhood: A Qualitative Study to assess discrimination and vulnerability of orphan students in Public schools”.
Baba Mayaram, who will do a study on “The Nutrition, Health And Education Status Of Children Of The Rajjhar Community Of Madhya Pradesh”.
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