The CRY Media Fellowship 2015 is proud to present to you the 3 shortlisted fellows: Banjot, Bikash and Skand.

The fellowship programme shall provide these journalists with an opportunity to explore, write, talk about and champion the cause of children and their rights. They have been selected from 25 applicants by a jury comprising Ms. Usha Rai a veteran journalist who is currently working as media and communication consultant, Mr. Indrajit Gupta Co-founder and director, Founding Fuel and Ms. Puja Marwaha Chief Executive CRY.

A National consultation is scheduled for in the first week of February 2016. Please save the date to hold enriching conversations with the fellows.


will cover child healthcare in Bihar. She will map the shortage in healthcare provisions and its impact on children in two districts of north Bihar and two of south Bihar.


plans to focus on the increasing trend of child labour in Jharkhand. He hopes to reach out to stakeholders to assess the cause of this trend and the preventive methods that are adopted by various agencies.


will explore the exploitation of child labour in Beedi industry and its adverse impact across two districts of Madhya Pradesh.


Usha Rai

Usha Rai
Usha Rai is a veteran journalist who started her career as a press reporter thirty-nine years ago. She writes on development issues like environment, women rights, rural development, education and health. She was the former Deputy Director of Press Institute of India and is also the founder member of the Indian Women’s Press Corp in New Delhi. She has worked as Deputy Bureau Chief of The Times of India, editor with Indian Express and as Features Editor of Hindustan Times.

Indrajit Gupta

Indrajit Gupta
Indrajit Gupta is a business journalist and editor with over two decades of experience. He was the Founding Editor of the Indian edition of Forbes magazine. He is the co-founder and director at Founding Fuel. He has served in leadership positions at many of the leading media brands in the country. Before taking up the assignment to start up the India edition of Forbes magazine, Gupta was the Resident Editor of The Economic Times in Mumbai and before that, the National Business Editor of The Times of India.

Puja Marwaha

Puja Marwaha
Puja Marwaha A post graduate diploma holder in Human Resources from XISS – Ranchi, Puja Marwaha made the transition from the corporate to the social sector early in her career. Having worked earlier with Citicorp Software, she joined CRY in 1994 to set up the organization’s Human Resources function. In 2002 she became the Director for the Western Region, a position she held till 2005 when she moved to South Africa with her family, only to return in 2009 to the same position. Today, Puja is the Chief Executive Officer at CRY, India’s leading child rights organization.

CRY- Child Rights and You, has been working for over three decades to ensure lasting change in the lives of underprivileged children. Children constitute over a third of the country’s 1.21 billion population, yet children appear to be the most neglected segment in India, with the rights of children being vastly ignored. While it is imperative that they receive care, protection and opportunities in their own right today, it is also essential to ensure that the issues and concerns are brought to light prominently to the public agenda
CRY-Child Rights and You invites applications from journalists who are passionate about child rights and intend to explore various dimensions of children’s issues and violation of their rights. CRY believes in encouraging a community of journalists advocating child right issues.

About the Fellowship:
CRY will award the Media Fellowship to four journalists this year. The journalist would be required to research on a topic of his choice which must encapsulate an area of neglect or violation of the child right space. An interesting case study, new perspective and a breakthrough research idea makes for an ideal candidate for this fellowship. The area and topic of research will be the journalist’s prerogative. The media fellows would be mentored by senior national media persons and shall have the opportunity to showcase their fellowship outcomes in a national consultation in New Delhi.

Principles governing the fellowship:
It is expected that fellows ascribe to the CRY Values:

  • Dignity
  • Equality
  • Justice
  • Integrity

Duration: The duration of the fellowship will be 3 Months.

Application Guidelines:Applications should be submitted in preferably English or Hindi and must include the following:

  • Brief Curriculum Vitae
  • A brief proposal of approximately 1500-2000 words outlining:
  • The thematic area and its relevance
  • Objective
  • The geographical coverage
  • Methodology and timeline
  • A detailed budget.
  • Written consent from the Editor
  • Five recent stories of the journalist (Stories must have been published in the past one year; Summary of the stories in English must be provided in case it is in a regional language)
  • Two references with their contact details.
  • All applications must be typed. Handwritten and incomplete applications will be rejected.

Grant Size: The grant of the fellowship would be Rs. 1 lakh, this would be
inclusive of all expenses the fellow makes in course of the pursuing the
fellowship outcomes. Fellows are free to continue their primary occupation. Fellowship grant will be released against specific deliverables.

Eligibility Criteria:Applicants will be Indian journalists, residing in India. Journalist should be associated with a media house and contributing to print or online medium.

Last Date for Application is May 31, 2015. Mail the applications to
In absence of internet access, you may send your applications by post to: CRY-Child Rights and You 632, 2nd floor, Lane No.3, Westend Marg, Saiyad-ul-Ajaib New Delhi, DL 110030
Please mention ‘Application for Media Fellowship’ on top of the envelope

  • Incomplete proposals without the requisite components mentioned in the application guidelines will not be considered.
  • Proposals where the duration of the fellowship exceeds three months and the budget exceeds Rs. 1 lakh will not be considered. The extension of the duration
    of the fellowship will be considered only under exceptional circumstances.
  • CRY has the right to question the deliverables of the three month research and can stall payment if the fellow has not delivered in line with the set expectations communicated.
  • This fellowship cannot be held simultaneously with any other fellowship.
  • The shortlisted candidates would be informed within 3- 4 weeks of receipt of proposal for the final selection process.
  • The expenses incurred in travel and accommodation for the purpose of selection and final presentation at the national consultation will be arranged by CRY.
  • Each selected fellow will have to sign detailed Terms of Reference with CRY.

At the completion of the fellowship, the journalist is expected to present the following:

  • A detailed write-up on the issue researched during the fellowship.
  • The journalist is expected to publish a minimum of two in-depth stories on
    the issue researched.
  • Presentation at the national consultation to be held in New Delhi.

Ownership: While fellows will retain authorship of the final write-up of the issue researched, it will be made available to all stakeholders (government, public, civil society) for advocacy. CRY will give due credit to the fellow when disseminating the write-up via any channel. Similarly, the fellow must inform CRY before using the write-up for being published or shared anywhere, giving due credit to CRY.

Process of Selection:Shortlisted Fellows will be interviewed by an expert panel. Four fellows will be selected for the final fellowship grant and shall be mentored through the duration of the fellowship. The fellows will be invited for a National consultation in New Delhi post the completion of the fellowship. The final names be announced on in June 2015 (Specific date of the same will be updated on the website)