CRY was among the first Indian NGOs to take its annual results to the media, way back in 2002. As a custodian of public funds, we believe we are accountable to the wider public for the efficient use of these funds. Accountability and transparency have always been the guiding principles at CRY.

Annual Report 2017-18:

Whatever we have achieved in 2017-18, would not have been possible without your support. You stood by us through everything and helped us create thousands of happy childhoods.

Annual Report 2016-17:

Whatever we have achieved in 2016-17, would not have been possible without your support. You stood by us through everything and helped us create thousands of happy childhoods.

Annual Report 2015-2016:

2015-16 has seen CRY going beyond transforming children’s lives to focusing on sustaining the change and strengthening the foundation on which a better future can be built for the generations to come.

Annual Report 2014-2015:

In 2014 -15, our focus has been to make actionable difference to children. So that we can well and truly transform lives positively and mold the future of children across India.

Annual Report 2013-2014:

2013-14 has been a rewarding year for CRY. Having shared our 10 year goals last year we have spent year one settings these goals in motion.

Annual Report 2012-2013:

2012-13 has been a highly productive year for us at CRY! We’ve been tirelessly fortifying our focus on children and their rights by addressing some critical strategic questions – on what did we want to achieve for our children over the next ten years.

Annual Report 2011-2012:

The past 33 years would not have been possible without your support. As we move into another year of seeding Lasting Change in thousands of lives, here’s a look at how you have helped us change the loves of children in the year gone by.

Annual Report 2010-2011:

A year of growth in many areas. We went through a re-organisation, that manifested in an optimisation of efforts, a new brand positioning, new channels of communication and empowering of our volunteers and partners.

Annual Report 2009-2010:

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, or RTE was a positive step forward. In 2009-2010 we focused on presenting CRY’s perspective on RTE to our citizens.

Annual Report 2008-2009:

2008-2009 was a a year of strengthening our efficiency to widen CRY’s reach and achieve our mission to restore rights for children across India.

Annual Report 2007-2008:

We saw a widening of CRY’s reach combined with a period of consolidation internally.

Annual Report 2006-2007:

A year after making the shift from ‘relief’ to ‘rights’, we saw a period of unparalleled economic growth and prosperity in India. We saw more people than ever before, ready to take a stand for the rights of children.

Annual Report 2005-2006:

We changed our name from Child Relief and you to Child Rights and You in 2005-2006. We focused on building awareness of Child Rights and to ensure that resources such as information, self-belief and political will, become a reality for our children.

Annual Report 2004-2005:

In 2004-2005, we ended our 25th year. It was a time to reflect on our progress in understanding and implementing a truly child-oriented approach.

Annual Report 2003-2004:

Many of the processes begun over the past decade seemed to attain critical mass and coalesce into a wave of change that swept through CRY. Looking back, 2003-04 seems like a year of seismic shifts for CRY. Each of you made 2003-04 possible for CRY.

Annual Report 2002-2003:

We share with you the real impact your support made in the lives of children and their communities across India. We hope it will reinforce your faith in the sheer power of individual and collective action.

Annual Report 2001-2002:

A report presenting the progress we have made in 2001-02. This was a watershed year for us. It was also the year that we first made our annual results public.