Ms First Flight provided CRY with free courier service for one year.
FCG Software has initiated Pay Roll Giving Schemes. Employees authorise deduction of a fixed amount every month from their salary, as a contribution to CRY. The company matches the donation. Over 50 employees of FCG Software have thus joined the CRY family.
Faranak Gandhi a young housewife with corporate work experience help Resource Generation and Documentation Centre regularly with routine time-consuming tasks.
Friends of CRY, Kolkata came together on November 22, 2004 to celebrate Children’s Day with a difference. This group comprised young adults from different schools and colleges, housewives and executives. Each from diverse backgrounds, belonging to various age groups with one common factor – their love for children and the faith that in their own little way they can brighten up the lives of the less fortunate ‘little ones’. For Children’s Day 2004, they did the unusual and that too in the CRY Kolkata office premise. “Paint for change” was the theme adopted for one of CRY’s office wall. With the first strokes coming from eminent cartoonist Mr.Chandi Lahiri & Ms. Moubani Sarkar ( daughter of the famous magician Mr. P.C Sarkar) and along with the children of Nabadisha, a CRY-supported initiative, the wall was transformed into a riot of colour.