All of us dream of a changed world for children in India; carefree smiles that can brighten the world. Creating an avenue to bring about this change is Kimberly-Clark Professional. Kimberly-Clark Professional, one of the leading Hygiene Solution providers in the country, has launched a campaign called “Share a Smile” in association with CRY. Under this campaign Kimberly Clark Professional has decided to contribute to CRY Rs 3/- per carton they sell for a year starting April 05. This contribution will go towards CRY’s work of ensuring rights of underprivileged Indian children.
Dr. Kale and his friend Kiran trekked for CRY. They reached the Mount Everest Base Camp starting Oct 25th, 2006. Says Dr. Kale (better known as Bala) “The issues that constrain children are always close to our hearts. We always keep thinking there needs to be a prudent approach to find sustainable and long lasting solutions to these horrible problems rather than sympathising with these children and providing just a short-term relief. We thought CRY would be the most appropriate ‘Enabler’ in view of the fact that it adopts the ‘child rights approach’ to tackle the root causes. Also, it is an organisation of a very good repute and has a national reach.”

Dr. Kale and Kiran are childhood friends and both are Insurance Medicine professionals. They have always nurtured an idea of doing something a bit bigger than scaling the tiny hills of India’s Western Ghats and UAE’s Hajar Mountains. It was always on their minds to put their trekking hobby to some meaningful use. A quick mini research revealed that they could begin with Mt Everest Base Camp (5400 m) as the first BIG project.

CRY team thanks them for supporting the cause of children’s rights.