Marico Nihar Naturals, in the second year of the partnership with the Campaign “ Chotte Kadam- Pragati Ki Aur” supported 20 projects across ten states UP, MP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttarakhand, J&K, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, impacting lives of more than 57000 children (6 to 14 yrs of age) in school, enrolling and retaining them in school for the year.
Nihar is a progressive brand delivering strong category benefits but actually empowering consumers to do good for others as well. This program is a platform that helps the consumer contribute to children’s education in this country. In September 2013, to reach out to many more children across India, CRY and Marico jointly created and launched an innovative mobile phone-based learning system that will help children learn English words in an engaging and fun-filled manner.
Mumbai Community Card is a unique initiative offered by Unit Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with CRY – Child Rights and You. Each time one shops at partnered merchant outlets, he/she earns redeemable points on the card. CRY receives a part of the discount offered to members. Mumbai Community Card also provides its members with the opportunity to be associated with CRY by devoting their time and skills in various CRY initiatives. This way each member can play an integral role in ensuring a sustainable and permanent change that will bring millions of children closer to their rights to Survival, Protection, Development and Participation – and thus a childhood.
McAfee Inc. has extended its support to Pragathi (a CRY-supported program) for the third year running. Employees of McAfee India make monthly contributions from their paychecks, while the management matches the amount, as well as makes good any shortfall towards meeting Pragathi’s budget.
CRY has been chosen as the “Community Partner” for The Marriott Group of Hotels for 2007. Through this partnership, The Marriott will work together with CRY to spread awareness on child rights as well raise funds for CRY supported initiatives. The various initiatives by The Marriott will help CRY reach out to a global audience and ensure that many more people join the movement for Child Rights!
MSN India ran the Anti-Child Labour Day campaign to coincide with 30, April 2005 by creating a special site on CRY and child rights, posting banners on their site and also developing a ‘blog’ space for visitors to share their views and comments on child rights.
During CRY’s Child Rights (Election) Campaign, for the entire month of April 2004, MSN India gave CRY banner space on their various services – MSN India, Hotmail and MSN Messenger. They also supported CRY with a campaign article in the features section.
CRY got a resounding response from the employees at the ‘Giving Campaign’ in 2006 in Microsoft (Hyderabad) with 135 of them partnering CRY and the company matching the contribution.
Modiluft supported us by giving free air tickets for CRY personnel to travel for work.
Midday provided free print space for CRY events in Mumbai.
Mahindra & Mahindra donated a second hand Armada jeep ,worth Rs 65,000 to CRY Mumbai for its daily work.
Lt. Manish Joshi and Uma printed their wedding invites on CRY cards and appealed to the guests to help the underprivileged children on this occasion. A CRY donation coupon was attached to the invitation cards. This according to the couple would be the best gift they could receive. have earmarked their 8558 number for CRY events and promotions for a year. For every SMS sent to 8558, CRY will get a percentage of the value of the SMS. This is the first time we are using the SMS platform.
Medley Pharmaceuticals has entered into a partnership agreement, for associating through a Cause Related Marketing scheme on their product O2. They will contribute to CRY a sum of Rs.1,00,000 for a period of one year starting from December 2003 MINC Services lets CRY donors use its BillBoxEtc drop boxes at 38 railway stations across Mumbai to send in their donations. CRY benefits in 2 ways – the service is free and we do not pay the Business Reply Envelope costs on all such donations.