NYK Line (India) Ltd., a leading Japanese shipping company has been supporting two childcare centers in Mumbai through CRY’s partner SNEHA since January 2014. These centers work to tackle cases of malnourishment in areas of Kurla, Govandi and Mankhurd.Together with NYK, CRY is working to ensure children in these area have access to nutritious food and proper healthcare.
http://www.nri-worldwide.com/ has given CRY free banner space on their site since August 2006
Received storage space in NASEOH premises at Chembur, Mumbai for a year.
NTPC donated to CRY Delhi office their old newspapers which were sold and money taken as a donation towards CRY initiatives and one-side used paper which was made into writing pads.
The New Indian Express Group, Bangalore provided CRY with free print space for one of our activities
After realising the situation of underprivileged children in India, the students of the National Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, were very keen to include CRY in their science exhibition. CRY was given a stall at the venue. Students painted cards and sold items that they had brought from home to raise money. Thanks to a lot of support from parents, teachers and the children who were not shy at all about insistent selling! At the end of the day, total sales amounted to approximately Rs.14,000/- .
Nokia donated a percentage for every Nokia 5110 phone sold for 3 months to assist the work of CRY in India. Nokia is committed to enhancing the quality of people’s lives in India not just through innovative products and solutions but also through enriching and improving people’s lives in meaningful ways.
Netguruindia.com partnered CRY over the last 2 years and continues their support in areas like placing CRY banners; putting a special CRY page on their site to create awareness; covering CRY stories on issues, the child development initiatives it supports; and CRY’s events.
Nicholas Piramal India Limited entered into apartnership with CRY wherein for every prescription on any brand under “Actis4 Kids” (Tixylix, Phenergan, EzeePara, Omnatax-O dry syrup, Kidpred and Trustyl), for the period October to November 2004, a certain amount will be contributed to CRY.
TV channel NDTV has been airing CRY films on their channel, free, helping create awareness about CRY, its activities and the many simple things each one of us can do to make a difference to underprivileged children.
Nehal Singhal, a CRY volunteer in Mumbai, wanted to get the ladies in her housing society, Takshila, to work for children. They formed an action group and started teaching English, Marathi and Maths to the children of the maids, drivers and security guards of their housing society. They also conducted a dental hygeine workshop. The children are now regulars at their study groups and are keen to pursue their education.