Rang de! is a brand of Holi colours that is made out of natural extracts and contains no chemicals. These colors are especially made for children. Rang de! has partnered with CRY and has pledged to donate Rs. 5 for every pack of Holi colour sold.
Radiojalwa.com supported CRY’s campaign in March 2009 by placing banners at no cost on their website.
CHEERS, a CRY-supported initiative in Tamil Nadu has been supported by Radha Realtors so more children can be restored their rights to a happy childhood.
Safed, a detergents manufacturer, are sponsoring a quiz on children’s issues onRED FM from June 2006 onwards. Listeners have to SMS answers for a chance to win a contribution to CRY on their behalf. Approximately 20 questions will be asked in a month to raise awareness of children’s rights as well as funds for CRY.
A CRY-Rediff.com partnership: CRY presents 3 unique t-shirts manufactured by Switcher and available online only through Rediff.com. For every T-shirt purchased, Rs.25 will be donated to CRY. And this is the story of these t-shirts. ‘Imagine giving up your Sunday morning sleep to spend time with children in the vicinity of CRY’s Mumbai office. A group of CRY volunteers do just this every Sunday morning. They spend a couple of hours with children aged between 6 to 16 years, teaching them to read, write, sing, dance, draw, play games, have fun. In short, they enable these children experience their right to a childhood. Children like Nitesh, Yogesh and Devashree whose designs are displayed on this page, go to work at tea stalls, small restaurants, some take care of siblings and even do all household chores. The designs were developed during an art session conducted by Indronil, a CRY volunteer. These are not just beautiful t-shirts but in reality is an expression of childhood.’ You can buy these t-shirts on the CRY-Rediff.com page
Mr. Rajendra Chappwale one our very first supporters, donated space to the CRY Mumbai for storage purpose.
CRY Delhi received its first office table from Mr. R.D.Gupta in donation.
Members of CRY Ants, the volunteer group in Chennai, meet with the children of R.T. Nagar Corporation School every Saturday. They hold learning sessions for the students that incorporate games and fun as well. Typical sessions are ‘First Aid Essentials’ and ‘Towards an Eco-Friendly Environment’ and include field visits, camps and personality development programmes. For the children, who come from nearby slums, these sessions and interaction with the volunteers open up a whole new world. These will, the CRY Ants hope, inspire these children to explore new horizons beyond the boundaries of their current lives.
Mr.Ramesh Khymal, Managing Director of Asian Wind Turbine in Chennai directly funds the administration costs of Navjeevan Trust, a CRY-supported project working with the beedi rolling community at Tirunalveli in Tamil Nadu. Recently he made a personal trip to Tirunalveli, to experience first-hand, the work being done there. Not stopping at monetary sponsorship alone, he is keen on involving all his employees in the cause of children. Last year, he enabled CRY to make three presentations to the employees of his organisation. Mr.Khymal has also given his employees the opportunity to dedicate four office hours a week for voluntary work at CRY-supported projects.
Rasna Private Limited – Rasna introduced a “Rasna Day for CRY” campaign in schools across India. On this day, Rasna satchets were sold for Re. 1, and the proceeds were donated CRY. Rs. 5 lakhs was collected.