CRY’s Get Healthy Give Healthy Campaign

Article Source :PR Newswire

Date of Issue :3rd Dec 15

Title of Article :CRY’s Get Healthy Give Healthy Campaign to Ensure Healthy Start for Children in India

Details :CRY – Child Rights and You, a leading NGO working for children’s rights in India, has initiated a campaign Get Healthy Give Healthy. This campaign is all about encouraging people to raise funds for a Healthy Start for young children, while working towards a personal health goal. There are 138 million children today in India under the age of six years.

The lack of adequate care at this stage can result in permanent damage to the child’s development which affects not only her present but her future as well. Intervention is required right now for these children. Thus, a healthy start for mothers and children ensuring access to proper healthcare, nutrition and early childhood care, result in sound healthy growth of a child which is extremely important.

The only way to ensure that there are far reaching changes in the lives of these children is to mobilize people from different walks of life to take action and support this cause.

Susan Varghese, Head of Global Operations for CRY says, “Today’s reality is that people suffer from a lot of lifestyle relate ailments, however at the same time there is a lot of awareness on trying to get healthy and fit. Marrying these two sides together is the campaign Get Healthy. Give Healthy.

We are urging people to take up a personal health goal which could be anything from losing weight to taking stairs to meditation to watching less TV and in the process encouraging friends and family to contribute for this cause, while they achieve their milestones.

” She added, “The money raised from the campaign will ensure that children under the age of six in our intervention areas across India get the necessary care, nutrition and vaccinations and a healthy start to their lives.”

Take a pledge, Join the campaign Join CRY Get Healthy Give Healthy campaign at All you have to do is take up a health challenge. Get your friends and family to support you by contributing to the cause. As you get healthy, you will give 281,405 children across CRY-supported projects a healthy start to their lives.