Summer Camps for the Underprivileged

Article Source : New Indian Express

Date of Issue : 2nd June, 2015

Title of Article : Summer Camps for the Underprivileged

Details : The summer vacation has drawn to a close and kids across the city are gearing up for the next academic year, armed with the fresh skills they acquired at the camps they attended during the holidays. Child Rights and You, an NGO that works towards the welfare of underprivileged children, organised weekend workshops called Raaja Maaja at Jeevanbimanagar, Madiwala and Yeshwantpur last month.

Over two weekends, around 25 volunteers engaged with more than 120 children of ages seven to 14 in activities like arts and craft, games, quiz, treasure hunt, music and dance.

Volunteers in Koramangala organised an awareness camp on healthy practices and good nutrition for the parents and children in the economically backward communities, as a follow-up to the medical check-up camp held earlier. This event saw the participation of more than 15 volunteers who personally invited all parents to the camp. Pramod, one of CRY’s earliest volunteers, noted that the summer camp was a good start towards establishing a good rapport with the people of those communities. “The kids were quite keen and were willing to try anything that was taught to them,” he added.

“The event started off well. All of us were busy in one activity or the other. There were a few jitters and challenges, but we were able to carry out everything as we had planned,” said Kislay, another active volunteer.

First-time volunteer Nikita said, “Some of the kids were really talented and drew beautiful pictures, others were more boisterous and couldn’t stop dancing the moment we turned on the music. Most of us were just happy to see the kids enjoying themselves.”

The children at the camp seemed too engrossed to talk. “I love to draw,” said Surya, and Srihari agreed, even as he continued coloring the lion he had drawn. Amidst a peal of giggles, young participant Sushant claimed that he drew 10 pictures. He finished his butterfly drawing in record time but mentioned that the car he drew was his favourite.