Assessment Process

All applicants are requested to fill the online questionnaire and submit it by January 9, 2015, midnight.

The questionnaire has been designed to reflect the organization's commitment to supporting child rights both within the organization through policies as well as outside through its CSR initiatives.

The questionnaire will be judged on multiple parameters including, but not restricted to, the commitment of the organization to the cause, sustainability of the effort, impact created, innovative initiatives etc.

While the questionnaire has been designed as a self-assessment form for the organization, the information provided may be scrutinized by the organizing team for the verification process at any time.


The awards process is open to all companies registered in India

In the case of a subsidiary, the application should be made by the individual entity and should not be combined with that of the parent group or other group companies.

The application must be submitted by the company and not the company's CSR foundation.

The information given in the questionnaire should refer to the audited data of the last three financial years (2011-12,2012-13 and 2013-14) but can include on-going efforts as well, which should be called out clearly

Submission Details

The form can be submitted online

You can also print the form and fill it out, a copy of which should be sent to CRY along with all additional required documentation as mentioned in Annexure I. The entire set of information should also be included on a CD and sent to the following address:

Madhura Kapdi

CRY- Child Rights and You,

189/A, Anand Estate, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai 400011.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact Madhura Kapdi at

Instructions for online questionnaire:

1. The questionnaire has 4 sections.

2. After completion of each section, you can preview your responses and edit the same. Once you confirm the submission of a section, it cannot be edited.

3. There are 9 annexure documents to be attached. If you do have soft copies of the same, you can attach the documents as per the question. A final upload of all documents will happen at the end of the online application process.

Jury Evaluation

Based on the evaluation of the questionnaires, a selected group of organizations will be shortlisted for evaluation by the Jury members.

Following this, based on the decision of the jury after due deliberation and discussions, the final winners will be declared at the CRY Corporate Responsibility Summit on February 13, 2015 in Delhi.

Non Disclosure & Confidentiality

Applicants' details and scoring information developed during the review of applications are regarded as proprietary by CRY and will be kept confidential. The information will only be available to the individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative processes of the awards program.

CRY will additionally ensure that applications and information therein are treated in strict confidence. However, in no way can the organizing team be held responsible for any loss of confidentiality to a third party or held liable for any damage (to goods, or persons, financial loss or consequential) incurred through the breach of confidentiality or otherwise by the applicants or any third party.

It is understood and accepted that CRY will post relevant aspects of the Entry Form submitted on the website and through print/electronic media.



Application closed