About the Campaign

Child labour has, in a way, become a social norm that we accept and tolerate in our society. Unless we, as a society, have zero tolerance towards such issues, this exploitative and abusive practice will continue. What we need most today is to restore to Indian children their basic rights, revive humanity and create a society where children can live with dignity and lead a happy, healthy childhood.

The Click Rights '#OpenYourEyes' campaign by CRY- Child Rights and You is an attempt to sensitise citizens- and duty-bearers- out of their inertia and open their eyes to the grim reality of child labour. At CRY, we believe that every child should be at school not at work and this year we are using our annual photo-journalism campaign 'Click Rights' and #OpenYourEyes to start the conversation on putting a stop to child labour now.

View the #OpenYourEyes photobook here.

Through the photos clicked by CRY Volunteers, interns and eminent photographers, we invite you to #OpenYourEyes and pledge your support to stop child labour. Together let's ensure lasting change for millions of children for whom work, livelihoods and employment are an everyday normality far too real, far too soon.

Your pledges and audio messages received will be submitted to decision-makers along with the recommendations on ending child labour that were put together by child rights experts and organizations at the CRY national consultation on Child Labour held in New Delhi on 10th June 2014. Read the recommendations here