Cycling for the cause

Ujjawal Chauhan, a final year student at IIT Kharagpur and an ardent volunteer at CRY-Child Rights and You recently completed a journey his family termed the 'Madness Project'.

Ujjawal undertook a cross-country #Ride4ChildRights where he traversed 4 states and covered 2,500 kms from Kolkata to Mumbai capturing images of children for whom child labour is a day-to-day reality. As he set out on this personal challenge, Ujjawal helped CRY raise close to Rs 80,000 to ensure 100% enrolment in 12 villages he visited and make them child labour free. The pictures taken by him will further CRY's advocacy efforts to strengthen anti-child labour policies.

Ujjawal's #Ride4ChildRights is yet another testament to the power of people from all walks of life, people like you, to ensure that children of our country overcome barriers like child labour and achieve their full potential. See Ujjawal talk about his journey, his inspiration and what kept him going though his #Ride4ChildRights by clicking on the video to the right.