Soccer for Child Rights

Started in 2014 as a part of CRY’s Slum Children Sports Talent Education Development Society (SC STEDS), Soccer for Child Rights is an annual event that aims at bridging the gap between two strata of our society through sport. Employees from corporates participate to play against the star players of SC STEDS, while also using the platform to network amongst themselves.

Hailed as one-of-a-kind and one of the most professionally managed initiatives, Soccer for Child Rights is more than just an event, it is an exchange of inspiration, stories, courage, and hope; all over a friendly game of football.


The thrust of the SC STED’s interventions, since its inception in 2000, is on increasing participation of the children and youth, for development of the slums. The organization envisages empowering marginalized children and communities – the Dalits and Women through the use of alternative strategies, pro-active interventions and a rights based approach to build up a critical and liberal society where rights of children are ensured.

The project employs sport (particularly football) as a catalyst to drive social change in the marginalized communities; with the aim to promote social and collective responsibility. Interest in sport is inculcated amongst children through professional coaching – which is in turn used as a platform to improve the status of education and check child labour in the project area.

  • Oldest & largest slum in Chennai with over 1.5 lakh population.
  • Inadequate portable drinking water, drainage facilities, latrines, roads and insufficient houses, inadequate government schools.
  • 78% of the families are working in unorganized sectors, some earning as less as Rs 2000 p.m.
  • Debt trap with money lenders push children to enter into work force to support their families.
  • Alarming increase in child labour, delinquency, abuse, exploitation, illicit liquor, broken homes, illiteracy, alcoholism, drugs and commercial sex work.

Stories of hope

Sakthi, all of 6 years, started her day sorting and packing raw fish in ice, hurting her hands in the process and killing her dream of bending the ball. 6 hours of work, to add Rs 15 a day to her family’s income. She took on the sport as something for fun as a part of the children’s collective.

At 21, Sakthi is a different woman, having enrolled in college and representing the state in the women’s football team. She is a role model for all girls in her locality. It was a dream come true for Sakthi when she represented India in the Homeless Cup held at France in 2011. She is also the first girl who has undergone special training for referee (2013).

Udaya Kumar was forced to drop out of school at the age of 12 due to poverty. Angry and desperate to escape reality, he took to alcoholism and substance abuse. The game of football helped him to return to studies and resolve these issues. After representing India in the Homeless Soccer World Cup in Sweden, he continued to pursue his Bachelors degree in Visual Communications.

Udaya Kumar is the first youth in the slums of Vyasarpadi to get into a permanent Government job.


  • Airtel
  • Apollo Tyres
  • Arohan Financial Services Private Limited
  • Beroe Systems
  • BNP Paribas
  • Brandnomer
  • Corpuslabs
  • Digicall
  • Ernst & Young
  • Ezzy Group
  • Flipkart
  • Ford
  • Geberit
  • HCL
  • HDFC Bank
  • Hinduja Leyland Finance
  • Infosys
  • KPMG
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Mercedes
  • Microland
  • Northern Trust
  • Olacabs
  • Oracle
  • Practo
  • PWC
  • SREI
  • Sundaram
  • Swiggy
  • Tega Industried Ltd
  • Verizon
  • Vodafone
  • Trends & Vogue
  • TCS
  • Ramco Systems
  • Inautix
  • Technip
  • Wabag
  • Sundaram
  • BNY Mellon
  • Synopsys
  • RedBus
  • Bosch
  • American International Group
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • Target
  • Mahiti Infotech
  • PDC Services
  • Softcons



2014- SC STEDS
2015- SC STEDS
2016- Apollo Tyres
2017- SC STEDS


2016- Flipkart
2017- Northern Trust

Upcoming Events

Soccer for Child Rights in Chennai


9th September 2017,

Match duration

30 minutes including
5 minutes break


7:00 am


SDAT ‘B’ Ground ,
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periyamet,

Team size

7 players + 3
rolling substitutes.

Participation fee

(per team) fee



Trophy +

Runner up

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Over the course of the last few years, CRY has been grateful to have been supported by some of the most generous people and organisations in the country. Our initiative, Soccer for Child Rights was made possible by the donations of these sponsors who are as passionate as we are about fighting for a better future for underprivileged children.

We look forward to receiving their continued support more than ever.

You too, can become a sponsor for CRY. To know more about how you can help us ensure a better suited society for children, Click here

Here's what the participants have to say

"We saw some brilliant play on the field today, all the teams put up a great show. We even saw the SC STEDS team play and they have a great capacity to perform. Coming from such backgrounds they have surely outshone their competitors. The organizing was very well overall and you can surely expect us in the future ."

- Team E&Y

"The hospitality is extremely warm and welcoming. The time management too was brilliant, the matches have been perfectly on schedule and we love that a lot. This is not our first attempt at CSR but this collaboration is definitely overpowering than the others. Mercedes would definitely support CRY in all future events"

- Team Mercedes

"It was a tough competition and all the teams were very decent and have moved forward fair and square. The facilities are great and we even got a chance to interact with the SC STEDS team. The SC STEDS team is extremely skilled, they are talented and play upbeat, with good facilities they will surely make it large. This our first collaboration of such kind but you can always count on us in the future."

- Team PWC

"We are very impressed with the whole event. Even though we have been a part of different CSR activities, this was a game changer. We would like to be a part of CRY in future and we are looking forward to any such event for different sports."

- Team Geberit

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