Impact on Child Health

It's time to break away from ignorance
One of the many stories of change

While ignorance runs deep in several parts of rural India, Runa Laila, a mother of two young boys living in a village in West Bengal, strived to give her children a healthy start to life.

After her sons had received the initial doses of immunisation at the time of birth, Runa’s mother-in-law forbade her from getting any further immunisation. She was convinced that immunising the children would lead to physical complications during their formative years. She also believed that they would eventually lose their fertility and reproductive ability in their adulthood.Countless efforts were made to convince her mother-in-law, who paid no heed to these requests.

Runa had no choice but to give in to her mother-in-law’s instructions and discontinue the immunisation. It was only after her mother-in-law passed away, that Runa was able to continue with the doses. She approached CRY-supported project Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC), and they helped her get the necessary immunisation for her children. Today, Runa’s children are growing up well and healthy.

There are still thousands of women who are victims of ignorance and are unable to provide necessary healthcare to their children because of pressure from their families or communities.

You can help put an end to this. Your donation towards ‘The Healthy Start’ campaign will empower several such women with timely immunisation, adequate nutrition and other healthcare facilities for their children. So, donate now and ensure that 30,513 children get a healthy start to life.