Children below the age of 18 years account for 36.6% of India’s population and of these 138 million are between 0 to 5 years. For a large number of them, the reality of childhood is very different. Lack of access to healthcare services, inadequate care for pregnant and lactating mothers, malnutrition, little awareness and sensitisation lead to many children missing out on the crucial care and attention needed in this significant phase of life.

Children Statistics of India

0.7 million

infants die in the first 4 weeks after their birth.

1 million

infants die before reaching their first birthday.


of children of 12-23 months are fully immunised against the six major preventable diseases.


pregnant women receive complete antenatal care.


of children under 3 are underweight.


of children under the age of 3 have anaemia

Sources: Census 2011, Sample Registration System based estimation, National Family Health Survey 3 (2005-06)