Everyone loves birthdays. But, did you know the 5th birthday is a milestone that not all children have the opportunity to experience? One that sets a child on the right track to a happy childhood.

The first five years are a crucial period in a child’s life. It creates the foundation for the years to come. Which is why access to adequate nutrition and healthcare services during this period is so crucial for an all round development.

However, not all children have access to this basic right to health and experience the joy of growing up healthy, because of inadequate nutrition and healthcare. They are unable to experience the ‘joy of five’. The joy of the first word, first walk and the first pencil scribble, among others.

Moreover, India has the maximum number of malnourished children in the world. We need your support right now to ensure 2,50,532 children across CRY-supported projects experience the joy of turning five.