Trek to Mt.Kilimanjaro for Child Rights

Sundar Parthasarathy, Gopal Iyer, Dinesh Pai, Raj Nair, Aldrin Thayalakal, Vemuri Srinivas, Amitava Ghosal and Nibu Varghese- our donors from UAE, Kuwait and Egypt fundraised for the cause of underprivileged children by trekking Mt Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa. They were supported by their friends, family and colleagues who also pledged and fundraised for the cause.

When asked of their motivation behind initiating this charity trek, all the team members seem to share a common thought – “Daily life makes us succumb to routine, rat race and personal goals. There is element of ‘goodness’ and ‘generosity’ embedded in every human being that needs to be rekindled. At some crossroads of life, we receive these ‘higher callings’ which urge you to participate in the societal needs from which you have benefited. As a person, we know we can make a difference while initiating this fundraiser”.