Preventing Child Marriage in India

In spite of government legislation, child marriage continues to be one of the most prevalent forms of exploitation and abuse faced by children. As a leading ngo against child marriage in India, CRY has been working towards building a secure and protective environment for children to safeguard their well-being and rights.

Child Marriage Prevention

Our Work Against Child Marriage

The issues of child marriage and early motherhood come in the way of millions of underprivileged young girls and their dreams as they are married off at an early age to ease the financial burden of families.

Therefore, CRY works with communities at the grassroots level to create sustainable change for India’s children.

Here are the focus areas of our program to stop child marriage in India

Awareness On Ill-effects of Child Marriage

Awareness On Ill-effects of Child Marriage

We focus on shifting mindsets and increasing awareness about the detrimental effects of practices such as child marriage and educating communities to foster a positive attitude towards providing education to all children.

Empowering Girls through Support Networks

Empowering Girls through Support Networks

Through the establishment of support groups, we empower girls by nurturing their confidence and agency. These networks assist girls in pursuing their dreams and create a conducive environment for their personal growth.

Combating Child Marriage

Combating Child Marriage

With the help of our project partners we track potential cases of impending child marriages and get help from the police to stop them

Providing Information on Government Benefits

Providing Information on Government Benefits

We equip parents with information regarding government schemes aimed at supporting the education of their daughters. This helps them overcome financial obstacles and encourages investments in girls’ education.

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Statistics on Child Marriage in India

  • 13

    million married girls in India, between 10-19 years (Census 2011)

  • 1

    out of every 3 child brides in the world lives in India (UNICEF 2014)

  • 16%

    of adolescent girls aged 15-19 are currently married

Our Impact

  • CRY Stat


    girls enrolled in schools
  • CRY Stat


    adolescent girls protected from child marriage (in CRY project areas)
  • CRY Stat


    girls empowered through Adolescent Girls Collectives

Here’s How Asha Fought Against Child Marriage

Asha’s parents wanted her to get married at an early age but she wanted to study. So she fought for her dream and became the first police officer from her village. Here’s her story:

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