Action for Health Education & Social Awareness for Child Rights

Location: Kali Mata Basti slum and T Camp in West Delhi and Goyala Dairy slum in South West Delhi
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Ram Kumar Verma
CRY support since: 2011 – 2012

  • 93% children enrolled in schools
  • 78% pregnant women and 84% in Goyela Dairy completed both TT vaccines during pregnancy
  • 15% reduction of malnourished children in Goyela Dairy this year

Mr. Ram Kumar, the President of AHESAS has been working at the grassroot level since the last 15 years. The organization shares a good rapport with the community and is conversant with the socio-economic political and cultural context of the slums in East Delhi and West Delhi. AHESAS has been successful in formation of community groups and mobilizes them towards realization of child rights. Though the focus of Ahesas is on health, working at the field level they have also taken up issues of children which deny their rights like child labour, education and RTE violations. Their understanding and passion towards building a child friendly environment in basti’s have led them to form children’s group across basti’s who have shown fabulous participation during Bal Natya Utsav and were appreciated for the performance.

The organization is at a nascent stage of development, and with support and guidance of CRY it will make its mark to bring in social change in the lives of the people. They plan to work for ensuring rights of children with special focus on protection. The issue of child labour in the area has been identified and they are committed to further take up this issue and work towards making the slum child labour free and ensure that all children are enrolled in schools.