Alliance for People's Right through Pardarshita

Location: National Capital Region of Delhi
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project Holder: Ms. Reena Banerjee
CRY support since: 2008 – 2009

  • 10 new class rooms sanctioned for school of Sangam Vihar. Due to this 460 new children got admitted in school
  • 2 new toilets were built in the D block Higher secondary Girls school at Jahagirpuri
  • New building sanctioned for Senior Secondary School, Jahangirpuri

Alliance for People’s Rights’ is a collective voice of democratic, secular and progressive forces fighting against capitalism, communalism, fascism, gender-inequity and social injustice. It stands for civil, human and democratic rights of Dalits, tribals, nomads, women & children, workers of unorganized sector and other sections of Indian society which are disadvantaged and marginalized as a result of privatization, globalization, and enslavement of toiling masses. The alliance places the issue of child rights on its highest priorities with wider perspective in mind that its attainment in totality is possible only through ensuring social and economic equity & justice. This year the alliance has shown some very good achievements in the issues of protection and malnutrition. In the issue of Missing Children there has been significant movement as the commission has also started to get involved by launching new programs as well by initiating the release of their own annual report showing data of children missing and found.