Location: Mitauli, Uttar Pradesh
Nature of Initiative: Network/Alliance
CRY support since: 2017-2018


The organisation’s focus is on working groups that are children, women farmers, rural youth, elderly people, tribal and community affected from natural disasters. Its working approaches are development oriented right based, livelihood creation, capacity building, advocacy, formation of Community Groups (CGs), strengthening of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), focusing on education for ensuring child rights, environment protection etc. Uttar Pradesh has the highest population in the country. Looking into demographic aspects, on literacy the state stands 29th rank in India with 69.72% of literacy (census 2011), male literacy rate – 79.24% and female literacy rate – 59.26 %. The operational district Lakhimpur Kheri district shares its boundary with Nepal in the North, Shahjahapur and Pillibhit in the West, Bahraich in the East and Hardoi and Sitapur in the South.Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 921 compared to 943 of census 2001. In 2011, children population under 0-6 age constitutes 16.47% of Kheri District population compared to 19.83% of 2001. This indicates major decline in child population of this age. The status of the schools in the intervention area clearly reflects poor educational scenario in the intervention area with absolute lack of infrastructure and facilities in the schools and the children in the area are denied of their right to education in terms of lack of access to schools, drop out and poor quality of education.

  • To empower community and ensure community monitoring in the intervention area to ensure effective functioning of schools
  • To strengthen School Management Committees ( SMC) for monitoring of school and ensure children access to quality education
  • To ensure quality education to children within the government school system and thereby enhance their learning levels and retention in the schools
  • To provide access and quality education opportunities to out of school children in the remote and far flung areas
  • To provide career counseling and enhance confidence of children in 15-18 age group so as to empower them to achieve their desired goals
  • To take up networking, liasioning and advocacy efforts for rightful educational entitlements for children