Association for Development and Health Action in Rural Areas

Location: 64 villages in Loisingha, Turaikela, and Saintala Blocks of Balangir District, Odisha
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Uma Sankar Sahu
CRY support since: 2004 – 2005

  • 60 drop-out and migrant children are re-enrolled in formal schools
  • 261 migrant children benefited from the opening of the seasonal hostels
  • 90% mothers and children have access to provisions of the ICDS service; Health check-ups of pregnant women and children have increased

ADHAR is supported by CRY since 2004-05. Over the years it has evolved as an outcome oriented organization. The district is highly critical in terms of education issues. ADHAR has built its own strength and education remains its core focus. ADHAR has developed a strong team with a sound understanding on aspects like community perception on health and education issues; systemic gaps of infrastructure, basic facilities, health related gaps in the community behaviour and their perspective on availing and making services available. Looking into components of sustainability, ADHAR is also putting thrust on livelihood issues of community to check migration, ensure alternate arrangements and therefore ensure child rights in the area. ADHAR operations are spread in 64 villages in Loisingha, Turaikela, and Saintala Blocks of Balangir District in Odisha.