Bahujan Samajik Trust for Dalits

Location: Rajkot district, Gujarat
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Jayanti Bhai Nathabhai Rathod
CRY support since: 2008 – 2009

  • Improved infrastructure in schools and anganwadis
  • Improved implementation of social security schemes
  • 575 out of 705 families are availing PDS
  • Support provided for re-enrollment of 182 drop out children from schools by holding community level meetings, parents meetings and direct rapport building with schools

Bahujan Samajik Trust (BST) has been implementing the CRY program since last 6 years focusing on the children of the marginalized communities. The President of BST – Mr. Jayanti Bhai Nathabhai Rathod is the project holder of CRY supported project. BST has had a movement in its work approach, initially they worked for dalit issues (land, against atrocities) and gradually over the years, it’s focus has moved towards working on education, health and child related issues with the government and by collecting evidences (primary data). BST has created strong women groups to take the community level issues to the goverment authorities. It has worked on education, malnutrition, health, protection and participation rights of children in it’s operational area across 65 villages (30 direct CR intervention villages + 35 advocacy villages) of Gondal, Kothlasangani, Rajkot and Lodhika block of Rajkot district in Gujarat.