Bal Bigul to fight for Harsh Violation of Protection of children

Location: State of Haryana
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project holder: Reena Banerjee
CRY support: 2015 – 2016


The Bal Bigul alliance has been formed keeping in view the child rights situation, inadequate advocacy and harsh violation of protection of children. There is very low child sex ratio, high incidence of female foeticide, child marriage, child trafficking for forced marriage and bonded labour, and child sexual abuse. Thus, the situation of child protection is very discouraging in the state. The process of alliance building started in the state after strong need felt by the CRY and its partners for a forum to work towards protection of child rights in the state. The alliance will work towards strengthening advocacy processes on child right issues to bring positive changes in governance system with focus on Child Protection, structures under ICPS and to develop understanding on missing children status in the state.