Bal Hakk Abhiyan

Nature of Initiative: Alliance

Location: Maharashtra

Project Holder: Adv. Eknath Avad and Mr. Walmik Nikalje

Objectives: # To ensure 100% equitable and quality education to all children # To ensure 100% non-discriminatory and quality provision of health care that is accessible affordable and available for all children and women. # To prevent violence against children and ensure a safe and free environment for their overall development. # To ensure children are provided space to participate in decision-making processes that impact their lives. # Demand Right to Work and livelihood

Situation: Maharashtra is one of the highly populous and urbanized states of India. The State is gradually withdrawing from key social sectors causing huge impediments to the achievement of the right to development, survival, protection and participation of children. In Maharashtra, migration has not been due to the pull of a better standard of living in cities or other villages; but rather people are pushed out and forced to migrate as their existing means of livelihood and basic survival in their native villages are threatened. The drought situation in Western Maharashtra for the past few years has worsened the situation. The effects of Malnutrition can also be seen in the rising infant and child mortality. Denial of Protection rights of children is another major concern area.

Project brief: Bal Hakk Abhiyan has emerged as a Child Rights movement in Maharashtra. It has perceived education as an entry point to address broader Child Rights issues. Bal Hakk Abhiyan came into existence to respond to the macro level policy changes in the field of primary education and specifically to respond to the 86th Constitution Amendment bill in the year 1997. As a first point of intervention the federation focused on the issue of establishing education as a fundamental right. Since 2000 there has been a move towards initiating a child rights movement to address basic CR issues of development, survival, protection and participation. Today BHA consists of approximately 2500 individuals and organizations from across Maharashtra, working on various aspects of child rights and community mobilization. Bal Hakk Pratishthan evolved in 2006 in order to meet statutory requirements with respect to collection of comunity contributions. BHP leadership will evolve from the Core Committee of BHA itself.

CRY support since: 2002